Written by Isabelle - 30 september 2012

Isabelle Lenfant tell us about the time passing, she presents broken washes showing some pieces of its mechanism . A clockwork that defies time… Time called to a halt!

Break a watch and time stands still. Take it as a sign that the time is now.

So live for the present because we cannot change the past, so why dwell on it “ My favourite hobby, is to let time go by, have the time, take my time, live out of time.“ (F. Sagan)

LE CONTRE-TEMPS pendant: Symboles / Clock-work pendant - Silver 925

LE CONTRE-TEMPS earring: Clock-work earring - Silver 925

LA LIBERTE II earring + LE CONTRE-TEMPS, LE DEROULEMENT & L'ENROULEMENT pendants : Earring for earlobe + Clock-work pendants - Silver 925

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