Written by Isabelle - 01 october 2012

"Il by Isabelle Lenfant" jewels are set with precious stones,Diamonds in different colors, Rubies,....

Feel free to individualize the "IL by Isabelle Lenfant"jewellery encrusted with precious stones in the color of your choice.

-LA TRACE ring: Band-aid ring - Silver 925 - 7 Red Rubies

-L'IDEAL earring: Branch earring - Silver 925 - 3 Green Diamonds

-L'EMBRASEMENT ring: Branch ring - White Gold - 3 Green Diamonds

-LA BRILLANCE ring: Broken mirror ring Silver 925 or Gold 18 K - Diamonds

-L'ECLAT ring: Silver & Gold Diamond ring - Silver 925 - Diamonds

-L'ESPOIR ring: Band aid ring - White Gold - Here: black and yellow Diamonds, red Rubies, in the Belgian flag's colors. This piece was done for the exhibition "L'Union maakt Macht".

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