Ring Size: The circumference of your finger in millimeters.
1.-Measure manually the diameter of the finger you want to put the ring on, either with a tape-measure or a strip of paper.
Be carefull not to measure to tight, as the ring has to able to pass over the finger joint.
To know the the size of your ring see the list below.
Ex.: if you’ve measured 54 mm, you should order a size 54.
If any hesitation between 2 sizes, always go for the lager size
2.-Or you can take a ring you’ve already and measure its inside diameter (measure the inside diameter of the ring) in millimeters with a ruler or a caliper.
Make sure this ring is round and not dented.

To know the the size of your ring see the list below 
3.-The best way to know the exact size you need is to go to a professional jewelery store and have your finger measured there.

The size option that we offer is the European Size one.

The ring sizes are available to the size 58. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a ring size greater.


481,53 cm4,80 cm601,92 cm6,03 cm
491,56 cm4,9 cm611,95 cm6,12 cm
501,60 cm5,02 cm621,98 cm6,22 cm
511,62 cm5,09 cm632 cm6,28 cm
521,65 cm5,18 cm642,04 cm6,41 cm
531,68 cm5,28 cm652,06 cm6,47 cm
541,72 cm5,40 cm662,10 cm6,59 cm
551,74 cm5,46 cm672,12 cm6,66 cm
561,78 cm5,59 cm682,15 cm6,75 cm
571,81 cm5,68 cm692,19 cm6,88 cm
581,85 cm5,81 cm702,2 cm6,97 cm
591,88 cm5,9 cm712,25 cm7,07 cm


All the necklaces are transformable.
You can wear them in different length. For the “crew necklaces”, you have 3 different sizes for the same necklace however they are available in one size only.
The necklace size varies from style, depending on the design of the necklace.

These come on standard sizes - depending on the design of the bracelet.
The bracelets have different sizes on the same bracelet.

Pendants are available in different sizes that you find in the description part and can come with the “LIAISON” necklace also.

You can also make your individual “LIAISON” necklace by choosing different pendants.

If the item you ordered does not fit, we will exchange it once for the right size and send it to you, with additional shipping costs.

Subsequent size adjustments will be at your own cost.

IMPORTANT: You must first obtain a Return Authorization from “IL by Isabelle Lenfant” before returning the purchased item.

The Return Authorization can be obtain by email (
Please clearly state the reason(s) why you’d like to return the item.